Car Wood Restoration
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Beautiful Bentleys appear frequently in our restore programs with the emphasis generally on re-lacquering as a Bentley interior can be restored several times in its lifetime. Veneer can become thin and decrease on its edges.

Typical restoration is needed due to: 

Seatbelt damage, Driver door splits, Inexperienced restores creating damage, Window frame rotting at the corners,         Damage to door cappings, Theft damage to glovebox lid,         Holes drilled for phones, club and show plaques

Models we see frequently are: 

Mulsanne, S1, Mark VI, Corniche, Turbo, S2, R Type,   Camargue, Eight, S3, T1, Brooklands, Continental, T2,    Arnage

Other items that we are often asked for and can supply are:

Picnic tablesWindscreen surrounds back and front
Hood stick finishers
Ashtray lids

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Re-lacquering is an easy way to uplift your carwood interior. All existing lacquer is removed and any damage to wood or veneer is repaired or replaced, matched in and sealed. A barrier coat of polyurethane is applied to prevent natural oils rejecting the polyester final coat. Upto twenty coats of polyester are then applied and left to cure before being meticulously polished to give a high gloss dead planed hone finish ready for reinstallation into the vehicle.