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From the earlier models to the later models Jaguar’s use of wood, wood veneer and lacquer have made their drivers feel appreciated and special. There is nothing like a Jaguar interior, except maybe a Daimler interior perhaps as often parts were the same on both. 

Common problems were dashboards fading from sun as well as leaky screens, windscreen surrounds and broken rails. Dashboard delamination and structural failure is fairly common with door capping and water ingress allowing edges to peel.

Models we see frequently are:

Earlier Models :

XK120 – XK140 – XK150 – Saloons – MK4 – MK5 – MK9 – MK10 – MK1 – MK2 – 420G –Sovereign

Later Models:

XJ6 – XJ12 – S1 – S2 – S3 – XJ40 – XJS – XK8

Typical work on earlier models would be:

Dashboard and door panel re-construction and re-veneering.


Dashboard wear, sun damage, temperature variations, condensation and water ingress can all cause lacquer and veneer to crack, lift and peel allowing further damage to the veneer and substrate. Wood is stripped back removing all original lacquer, repaired replacing and matching in any missing pieces, sealed with polyurethane to ensure polyester lacquer adherence and longevity and protect from damp.

Typical work on later models would be:

New part sets

There are examples of new part sets below.


We can refabricate items such as dashboards, console panels, door cappings that have delaminated or suffered from wet or dry rot or broken due to wear and tear. This involves either completely remaking the item or repairing parts as necessary. This could be a complete set of components such as a Jaguar Mark II interior or individual items, visit


Individual items are available for Jaguar XJS, XJ6/12, S1, S2, S3 and other models. These may have been an upgrade or additional option at purchase. Right and left-hand versions, jaguar and Daimler specifications available.


Jaguar XJ6/12 Center Console

Jaguar XJS Center Console

Jaguar XJS Instrument Bezel

Jaguar XJ6/12 Console Panel

Jaguar XJS End Caps

Jaguar XJS Dashboard Button Switch Surround

Jaguar XJS AC Control Surround Radio Panel

Jaguar XJ6/12 Door Cappings

Jaguar XJS Dashboard Button Covers

Jaguar XJS Door Cappings

Jaguar XJ6/12 Series 3 Dashboard