Car Wood Restoration
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Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Corvette, Mustang or Alfa Romeo there is no end to the fantastic verity of cars and also the requirements for their dashboards, steering wheels and interior wood consoles and door cappings. Typical car manufacturers we work on are:  

Jensen, Daimler, Ferrari, Les, Lexus, Aston, Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati , Mercedes, Benz, Bristol, Alvis, Alfa Romeo Triumph, Rover, MG, Morgan , Land Rover

That’s not to say that the list is exhaustive we have produced, renewed and restored from practically any vehicle you can think of including boats and tractors.

Ferrari 330 Dashboard

Coating old school French Polishing, modern polyesters, High Gloss, High Clarity, Knocked Back Shine ad Replacing Celluloid are all part of what we do to bring your carwood back to life. We work with garages, trade, specialist auction house, classic car clubs and regular car owners worldwide.

With so many garages fitting to cars that have such verity we often receive items that have been damaged during fitting like this Land Rover console panel. The fixings for access on this part are not obvious and as a result this is common damage on this model where a prizing action takes the corner off the wooden console panel.

Here the restoration is simple and effective and the panel will not only fit right back in but look in keeping with the rest of the vehicle.

It is seldom that we can’t help so if you have a vehicle that has wood in need of repair, restoration, re-veneering, re-lacquering or remanufactiuring just get in contact. We can advise on the phone. It’s simple to call and we can organise secure collection in the UK and can pack and ship worldwide. We do so every week so if you are looking to get that project completed just call. We only use the best quality products and finishes with the experienced gained in over 40 years in the motoring trade.