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A great British favourite the Rolls Royce models we see suffer from sun exposure, inexperienced restoration, damage to door cappings, frame rotting as well as damage from the installation of mobile phone kits and alarms.

The models we see frequently are:

Shadow, Wraith, Seraph, Spirit, Cloud, Spur, Corniche

Fairly typical damage here as we see the lacquer lifting and peeling away from the wood. This causes the finish to look dull, cloudy and cracked. This damage will only get worse with time as moisture can get into the wood and under the lacquer. The photo below shows the same section of the dashboard after a relacquer. 

The original discoloured, cracked water damage lacquer is stripped either with heat or a chemical system. Care is taken not to damage or remove the wood veneer beneath. This is then repaired and grain filled, gently sanded as it is only 0.8mm – 1mm thick this has to be done carefully so as not to damage the veneer, once prepared stain maybe used, if necessary.

A barrier coat of polyeurthene is then applied to prevent the wood’s natural oil rejecting the polyester final coat. Upto 20 coats of polyester are then applied this is left to cure. Once cured the polyester is then meticulously polished to give a high gloss dead planed hone finish ready for reinstallation into the vehicle.

In this example inexperienced restoration has meant the door cappings have been bleached to a light wood finish. The original door cappings would never have been a light wood finish but with sun bleaching and in experience the restorer has lightened the wood even further. The below shows the restored version we produced. 

The door cappings have been restored to their original colour and tone with a high gloss lacquer to finish. Areas of veneer that have been sanded off by the prior restorer have been re-edged.

From the same vehicle as the photos above we also stripped the discoloured, cracked and water damage lacquer, from the dashboard. Repaired, prepared and applied the same darker finish to the dashboard with the same beautiful, multicoat, high gloss polyurethane finish. Bringing the entire vehicle interior back to its original specification.