Car Wood Restoration
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Modern Cars and Damage:

Many modern cars do not necessarily have major damage in need of re-veneering but may have small cracks and damage sustained during their removal. This was the case with a Lexus 400 console panel we recently received from a client, which had a small crack in the lacquer. All the lacquer was removed; new coats were applied and polished. See more info at maid easy az.

We also often undertake work on panels damaged due to loss or theft. Car stereo systems and satellite navigation equipment are often installed in wood veneered panels and can be damaged when items are not removed carefully. We frequently repair this damage.

The damage you can see to the panel on the left is a common problem with Land Rovers and is caused by prying out the console rather than releasing all the retaining screws.

Easily fixed and reinstalled.

We also receive items that are damaged before the cars are even sold. Nasty scratches from careless or accidental damage are easily rectified allowing the full price for vehicles to be achieved.

We can arrange secure local collection and can pack and ship worldwide for you.

We can match any wooden finish, whether it is veneered to wood, plastic or metal. We often receive Lexus, Mercedes Benz and are happy to look at what ever you have a problem with.