Car Wood Restoration
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We can renew the steering wheels wooden rim. Often the first part to go we are sometimes presented with just the central hub. We can renew your rims we even receive tractor and boat wheels. Book your wheel in with us to bring back the glorious wood you love.


Sometimes it is easier to start again. Even from the smallest of clues we can manufacture a wheel to match in with your car. We can offer the original spec or customise to your choice. Book in and we will be able to guide you through the process.


A re-lacquer can restore the wheel to its original sheen and durability. We can also take care of those imperfections at the same time if you let us know where they are. High quality and durable we only use approved premium commercial grade lacquering compounds.

Italian Steering Wheels 

We renew, re-laquer and remanufacture Italian makes of steering wheels: 

Nardi, Apha Romeo,  Lamborghini, Hellebore, Lancia, De Tomaso, F.1.V., Maserati, E.P.P.F.I., Ferrari

British Steering Wheels 

We renew, re-laquer and remanufacture British makes of steering wheels: 

Aston Martin,  Morgan,  Alvis,  Motolita,  Lancia,  Bentley, Les, Leston,  Jaguar, Derrington,  MG.