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Re-veneering is necessary when the veneer has lifted from the wooden, metal or plastic panel; such as dashboards, console panels and door cappings.

Sometimes it is possible to re-glue the veneer back into place with specialist glues and add repair pieces as necessary. Alternatively, when this is not possible and complete veneering is necessary the item is stripped, repaired and new veneer is placed on it. Veneering is always planned and to create correct ‘book matching’ from left to right.

We keep stocks of various veneers such as Walnut, Elm, Maple, and Ebony from the right sized bundles, which we can bleach or stain to compliment the existing interior. High tech glues are then used to apply the veneer to the panels using vacuum and pressure.

We specialise in applying new wood veneer to aluminium, steel, plastic and wood surfaces. Examples of this would be the Jaguar XK8 aluminium dashboard fascia which is aluminium that has been wood veneered. Jaguar XJS ski slope or console panel which are wood veneered onto steel. Range Rover P38 console panels are wood veneered onto plastic.

Re-Veneering takes time and skilled craftsmanship. Matching and selecting the right wood. Stripping and repairing, sanding and grain matching. Once protected and lacquered your dashboard and all your wooden interior components are good for the years to come

We only use high quality veneer. We stock Walnut, Elm, Maple, Ebony, European burr walnut, American Walnut, Carpathian Elm and Birdseye Maple to name a few of our most popular veneers.

We can organise secure UK collection when you book your job in with us. Whether you are a car or collection owner, auctionhouse or specialist garage we can help you. Call 7days a week 8am-8pm Std UK time.