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Wood veneered interiors are a feature of luxury and sports cars, Classic, Vintage, Veteran and modern. Highlighting great craftsmanship of a bygone age which is still very much appreciated in the modern era. Indeed no expense was spared in the past and the present when it comes to wood veneering with vast cockpits of wood. 


Notable British cars that featured a very impressive array of wood veneered panels are Rolls, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bristol and Jensen. Bristol notable for its use of Burr Elm, leaving the others with the more classic Burr Walnut. Many of these with matching steering wheels. 

European cars such as Mercedes Benz with its distinctive Zebrano and Ferrari with a more conservative straight grain timber.

When using natural materials such as wood veneer, the finish on each set of panels in each vehicle is unique. The same can be said for the aging process as natural elements such as sun can play an enormous role in how the wood veneer will fair. 


Wood veneer can be bleached by the sun, making it crack, whereas damp will cause edges to yellow and become opaque. 

 Unfortunately, as is the case with all natural products, they are more likely to deteriorate over time than man-made ones – that is where we can help you. Using our years of experience and expertise we can bring your panels back to their former glory.


WE CAN REFABRICATE We can refabricate items such as dashboards, console panels, door cappings that have delaminated or suffered from wet or dry rot or broken due to wear and tear. This involves either completely remaking the item or repairing parts as necessary. This could be a complete set of components such as a Jaguar Mark II interior or individual items.



Re-veneering is necessary when the veneer has lifted from the wooden, metal or plastic panel; such as dashboards, console panels and door cappings. Sometimes it is possible to reglue the veneer back into place with specialist glues and add repair pieces as necessary. Alternatively, when this is not possible and complete veneering is necessary the item is stripped . . .



Identifying and choosing wood veneer: The most commonly used wood veneer is Burl or Burr Walnut this is used by all leading manufacturers of motor vehicles such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Lexus, Rolls Royce, Bentley and was also favoured by Rover and older classic cars such as Jensen’s. . .



Re-lacquering may be needed because the sun has affected the lacquer sometimes bleaching or cracking the veneer and in extreme cases causing it to go opaque or milky. This is quite common on Jaguar XK8 XKR models registered around 2000. The effects of the elements can make the panels and the. . .



In some cases when it is not possible to restore or replace the veneer or if the panel does not lend itself to veneering we can simulate a wood effect using our expertise and experience. Wood effects can be applied to wood, metal or plastic surfaces and finished as we would with veneer with a polyester lacquer. 



Modern cars and the damage they can experience. Many modern cars do not necessarily have major damage in need of re-veneering but may have small cracks and damage sustained during their removal. This was the case with a Lexus 400 console panel we recently received . .



Modern cars with passenger side airbags such as the Jaguar XJS/XK8/XKR have a wooden veneered cover which is jettisoned when the passenger side airbag is deployed in the event of an accident. . .



Extreme temperature variations both hot and cold affects veneer and lacquers resulting in splitting and stress cracks. Damp, particularly on convertible cars can penetrate the wood veneer causing it to lift, peel and become opaque or cloudy.



Italian makes like Nardi, Hellebore Personal, F.1.V, E.P.P.F.I or British makes like Aston Martin, MotoLita, Les Leston, Alvis, Jaguar and Morgan all have beauty and practicality . .


We appreciate that every car and person is different which is why we like to talk to you about what it is we can do for you. We will take your call from 8am-8pm UK time and we do that 7 days a week. If your call is not answered immediately please bear with us as we only have our phones answered by experts who really can help you so please leave a clear message and we will call you back. 

We accept Visa and Mastercard payments as well as payment by bank transfer. 

Whilst on the phone to you we can also arrange for your item to be securely collected in the UK and delivered to us. We do receive and send back valuable packages world wide on a regular basis so please rest assured you are in safe hands.

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